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That's what keeps us all going, the adorable babies, the future, the NEXT GENERATION! The purpose of this page is to show off our puppies, not to SELL our puppies. We rarely breed a litter and if we do there is usually a waiting list for the puppies. If you are looking for a pet quality puppy as a companion for your family and don't live close to South Carolina where Jimanie is located, I suggest that you check out the PWCCA's Membership List for a breeder near you. If you really, really want a Jimanie-bred dog, email Stephanie Hedgepath so that we can become better acquainted. Just be warned: before we will consider you as a potential buyer for one of our pups, we have to get to know you well! This is not because we are snobby, but because we have put over 45 years of our lives into developing the Jimanie Corgi and want to make sure that each puppy winds up in the perfect home for THAT puppy.

Not everyone should have a Pembroke - they are great dogs, but even the best dog in the world can 'go bad' if it is not in the proper enviroment for that particular dog. Pembroke Corgis, while a wonderful family pet, need a firm but loving hand and socialization as a puppy to be all that it can be. They are short in stature, but they think they are towering giants. You should see them doing what they were bred for: herding CATTLE!! Thanks for understanding where my heart is on this matter. Download the Jimanie/Trifecta Puppy Handbook Here.

Some general statements about obtaining a Jimanie/Trifecta Corgi:

     20 Basic Breeding Principles by Raymond Oppenheimer
Due to my business and my busy judging schedule, I breed only rarely. I have formed a partnership with two long time friends and this will enable me to continue to breed a litter a year or every other year. We are naming puppies of this combined endeavor with the "Trifecta" kennel name. Thanks to Denise Scott and Linda Stoddard who do most of the work and allow me to continue to experience the wonder that is a litter of pups!!  
A Trifecta litter was born on March 7, 2016. Four males, four females. Sired by Trifecta Sweepless in Seattle "Stryker" (major pointed) out of CH. Woodsedge Brynlea Bastille My Heart "Brie"
Here is our litter from December 2010.
Rescue Pembroke Welsh Corgis are also available through Carolina Corgi Rescue.