There have been many wonderful discussions on the longer running ShowCardi-L and the younger ShowPem-L discussion lists. What we have tried to do here is archive some of the discussions that are fairly basic to the two breeds. This way, if a newcomer should ask a question that has already been addressed at length, they can be referred to the article archived here. Then, of course, they are free to post any questions or comments on the subject to the list. Who knows, it might spur another whole round of discussions on the same subject!

In each article's description, we will try to indicate if it is more concerned with the Cardigan or the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Many articles refer to both breeds or could be equally as informative for either breed.

A Question of Markings
What is a Breed Standard and Why Is It Neccessary?
A Watched Bitch Nevers Whelps (Steps to Successful Whelping)
What is the United Kingdom?
X-Rays vs. Ultrasound on Pregnant Bitches
Type and Soundness
Temperament Testing in Puppies
Cross Training Agility and Obedience
Beginning in Agility
Eye Disorders in The Corgi
More on Eyes
Socialization and Shyness
Analysis of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Standard
British system for making up a Champion
Questions to Ask of a Puppy Buyer
Questions to Ask of the Stud Owner
How to Choose a Brood Bitch
How to Choose a Stud Dog
How to Read a Pedigree and Understand It
What is Inbreeding?
A Discussion of Cardigan Welsh Corgi Hindquarters