British system for making up a Champion.

We can have quite a lot of different classes, some determined by age and some by previous class wins. The usual set-up is 12 classes, 6 for each sex:
At a breed show (Specialty) we may well have several additional classes such as Novice, Maiden, Special Yearling, Graduate, Veteran etc., there are in fact over 20 different possible classes and the club staging the show can decide which combination they schedule.

To make up a Champion you have to win 3 Challenge Certificates under 3 different judges with at least 1 of the CC's being won after the dog is 12 months old. Champions have to be entered in the Open class or if they are still young enough the Junior class.

This is why it is so difficult to make up a Champion here in the UK because to win a CC you have to beat the Champions! This year we have had 28 sets of CC's allocated to our breed by the Kennel Club. When you consider that the dog who finishes up Top Winning Pem for the year often scoops 10 or so of these CC's then the chances for a young up and coming exhibit are not too plentiful. Hope this makes some kind of sense!

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