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That's what keeps us all going, the adorable babies, the future, the NEXT GENERATION! The purpose of this page is to show off our puppies, not to SELL our puppies. We are not a high volume breeder and when we do have a litter, there is almost always a waiting list for the puppies. If you are looking for a pet quality puppy as a companion for your family and don't live close to North/South Carolina or within the Southeastern Region of the country (where the partners in Trifecta are located Lexington and Summerville, SC and N. Wilksborough, NC), I suggest that you check out the PWCCA Membership List for a breeder near you. If you really, really want a Trifecta/Jimanie-bred dog, email Trifecta partner, Jane Will to start the process of placing you on the waiting list. Just be warned: we have nearly 100 years of combined experience into developing the Trifecta/Jimanie Corgi and want to make sure that each puppy winds up in the perfect home for THAT puppy.

Not everyone should have a Pembroke - they are great dogs, but even the best dog in the world can 'go bad' if it is not in the proper enviroment for that particular dog. Pembroke Corgis, while a wonderful family pet, need a firm but loving hand and socialization as a puppy to be all that it can be. They are short in stature, but they think they are towering giants. You should see them doing what they were bred for: herding CATTLE!! Thanks for understanding where our hearts are on this matter. Download the Jimanie/Trifecta Puppy Handbook Here.

Some general statements about obtaining a Trifecta/Jimanie Pembroke Welsh Corgi:

     20 Basic Breeding Principles by Raymond Oppenheimer
Please check out our Facebook page "Trifecta Pembroke Welsh Corgis" for more recent updates.
Rescue Pembroke Welsh Corgis are also available through SoutheastCorgiRescue.